A tan is a summer must-have, but equally as important is taking care of your skin during a summer full of sun exposure. Protecting your skin before and after your time in the sun is important to keep skin looking healthy and beautiful.

Which parts of our body need the most attention? What kind of skin regimen should we follow every day?

Bad consequences of unprotected (or poorly protected) skin from too much exposure to the sun can be uncomfortable burns or erythema. Pay special attention to the face, breasts, the area from shoulders to the neck, and inner thighs, as those are the high-risk areas. Another risk is premature skin aging. Skin is never free from the dangers of sun exposure, not even skin that is already tan.

Tanning is the body’s response to the sun, the skin color is the result of the body releasing melanin to protect you from harmful UV rays. Erythema and burns arise when skin is dehydrated and not ready for the exposure to sun, even if the pigmentation is already at work. That’s why we should repair and hydrate tanned skin, too. The most effective sunscreens are also able to nourish and feed skin after the exposure.

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Wearing sunscreen with a minimum SPF 15 is crucial. You should re-apply sunscreen every 2 hours when laying out, and after the first dip in the water. Even if you use a waterproof sunscreen, be safe and re-apply once you come out from water, whether it’s the sea, pool or a simple shower. The best kind of sunburn cures are those that are natural: aloe vera, lemon balm and oil all have a regenerating power. Phytotherapy supplements based on echinacea, aloe, licorice, zinc and vitamin C are also very useful. You can see a doctor for such supplements, who will also stress the importance of protecting your skin from the sun.

Try: Sun Screen Medium Protection, from LAKSHMI, a cosmetics company that provides products strictly “from Mother Nature.” The cream is made from avocado, sweet almond oil, sesame and oat extracts, aloe vera and carrot. 

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Delicate areas of body, especially the face, need a specific care: the ultimate goal is to avoid un-necessary skin aging. You can save your neck, eyes, and lips with a deep moisturizing cream.

Before you head out into the sun, you have to moisturize your skin gently with sunscreen. It’s better not to use perfumed or color-dyed mixtures as you risk irritating your skin, so choose hypoallergenic sunscreens.

Try: Burro di karitè of the Bio-ecosmesi laboratory, whose products come from organic farming. This provides suitable protection for excessive exposure to sun, wind and temperature changes.

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After exposure to sun, skin needs to be regenerated. You need to use moisturizing products that feed your skin nutrients. Other than the ever-helpful aloe or lemon balm, you can try grapefruit seeds. They are recommended especially for sores or blisters.

Try: For completely organic hydration, you can use the Milk Pre-Post Line from Sunveda LAKSHMI.

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