The chestnut is a very unique fruit. It blooms when the cold starts in the fall, filling the air with its sweet smell and rich brown color. As with every fruit, chestnuts can be used as a natural remedy, and they are easy to incorporate into recipes or beauty regimens at home.

Here are some of the benefits of chestnuts for health and beauty:

  • Hair products containing chestnuts can help to fight hair loss and make hair shiny.
  • Chestnut facial masks can deeply moisturize and regenerate skin. They are especially useful when your tan fades away, helping to reverse signs of aging.
  • Chestnut creams are useful if combined with acne treatment, because they help to balance sebum and reduce pimples. They absorb excess oil and purify the skin.
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Homemade chestnut masks are easy to make with a few ingredients:

Combine 3-4 tablespoons of horse chestnut flour (organic is better) with a glass of hot water and a teaspoon of a vegetable oil. You can choose olive oil, soy oil, wheat germ oil or almond oil, as they all have moisturizing properties and make the emulsion soft and smooth.

Try: Sweet Almonds oil made of cold-pressed dulcis almonds from natural cosmetics company Fitocose. Apply this mask on your neck and your face for 30 minutes, then scrub off with warm water. Once you have cleaned your skin, apply moisturizing cream to obtain the maximum effect.

As a natural skin remedy, chestnuts can be used for every kind of skin, as the risk of irritation is very low. The chestnut is our beauty ally.

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How can a simple chestnut mask deeply nourish and regenerate skin? Chestnut masks are great to get glowing skin, thanks to their natural carbohydrates, fats and proteins.

If you are looking for a non-homemade option, you can try Yves Rocher organic body care.

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