Summer feels like the perfect time to indulge and take a break from our routines. Even if common wisdom refers to the winter months as those during which we are more likely to load up on calories, it turns out the summer season can also leave us with a few extra pounds we need to get rid of.

Since we might be taking walks on the beach, swimming, and other outdoor activities, we convince ourselves that there is no way we will gain weight from June to August. Unfortunately, we forget to take into consideration sodas, mid-afternoon snacks, aperitifs and the drinks we have when we stay up late dancing at the beach bonfire.

If you are already back on track with your workout routine and have abandoned a diet full of carbs and refined sugar, then there is nothing to worry about. If, on the other hand, you still find yourself struggling to get rid of the effects of overindulging, then follow these tips:

Don’t stress too much

Focus on where you stand right now and forget about the past. You simply can’t change your previous unhealthy behavior while you were enjoying the summer months, so there’s no point in stressing about it. The longer you persist in focusing on wrong lifestyle choices, the more likely you are to stay in that state of mind. Relax, don’t think about what’s already done, and prepare yourself to move on to a healthier lifestyle.

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Don’t starve yourself

Sometimes those who are trying to shed a few pounds resort to the easiest and most harmful way: they starve themselves. There is nothing worse for you than to stop eating, or abruptly reduce caloric intake. Your metabolism will slow down and once you start eating normally again, you will re-gain all the weight you so barely kept off. Instead, think about all the healthy food you can eat to keep your metabolism active without guilt. Fruits, vegetables, seeds and legumes are your best ally in the process of following a healthier diet. Try also to prepare your meals at home, and when you do go out, swap the hamburgers and french fries for fresh vegetables.

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Learn to love your workout routine

Many of us feel forced to hit the gym, so we find any excuse not to fit a workout into our daily routine. Exercising consistently takes a lot of commitment, but is also the best way to keep our bodies as healthy and in shape as possible. You should write down a program that fits in with your daily schedule and try to follow it regularly. We are well aware that summer is the best time to have fun and let loose, but we encourage you to keep an eye on health. Strive for balance, so you can enjoy a healthy body and mind all year round.

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