For years, Italian fashion has populated shops in many countries of the world. “Made in Italy” is more than just a signature, it’s a concept and a vision that has yielded fashion masterpieces and years of acclaim.

Accounting for this success is the Italian couture creations that represent everything prized in the world of fashion: Quality materials, unique concepts and original designs. However, the most crucial element that really takes a garment from good to masterpiece is tailoring so perfect, so precise, that it seems drawn on to the skin of the wearer. 

Vicki Vasilopoulos, a Greek-American producer, reporter and director, has filmed a documentary on the history of Italian tailoring called Men of the Cloth. This acclaimed film tells the story of the Italian Grand Master tailors, the magic of their creations, and their passion for perfection in every single garment. Italian tailoring is the signature of all that is glamour in Italy. There are many emerging brands that seek to create new and unique fashion, as did the great masters of the past, and thus a new Italian brand inspired by couture is born.

You can see exemplary models of of Italian tailoring when you walk through the narrow streets of the Amalfi Coast and Sorrento Coast, thanks to Antica Sartoria (Ancient Tailoring). His all-white creations have produced a very specific, elegant style of dress that characterizes all that is the Campania Coast. 

Photo Credit: Antica Sartoria

From Positano to Amalfi and Sorrento, all the way to the island of Capri, Antica Sartoria is the emblem of summer fashion in Amalfi Coast.

Photo Credit: Antica Sartoria

This style will never go out of fashion, and the people wearing it have the backdrop of one of the most beautiful places in the world. The sea, the landscape, and the unique colors have imprinted all of the designer’s work. White is the base color for all collections of Antica Sartoria. They are made of cotton, linen and hemp, materials to make you feel more fresh and glamorous on your holiday.

AnticaSartoria2Photo Credit: Antica Sartoria

Mastro Moda is a brand from Positano that has become established in the ready-to-wear fashion world. The boutiques of Mastro Moda do not go unnoticed by tourists visiting the beautiful Positano; the owners of this Made in Italy brand have made their shops a business card for all potential customers. The fluttering of bright white linen, the brand’s favorite fabric, dazzles tourists, inviting them to browse through the racks.

In addition to using linen, rayon, silk, and precious broderie anglaise, the secret of Mastro Moda is lace. Their special, original designs are typical of Positano Fashion.

contattiIMPhoto Credit: Mastro Moda

This is clothing for every occasion: whether lounging on the beach in a bikini while reading a book, or dining by candlelight in a quaint restaurant overlooking the water, you will truly feel yourself representing Italian elegance.

img4_MastroModa_1394210974Photo Credit: Mastro Moda