Six (6) Out of The Box Groom Guides

Whether you’ll be saying your “man-take-man” nuptials in a courthouse, in your backyard, a tropical beach, or at a level worthy of your own reality show, the bottom line is that this ‘once in a lifetime’ commencement is kind of a big deal and YOUR style should be reflected. The groom/groom should be open to numerous color options: white, black, gray, red, blue- whatever your heart desires. Obviously your marriage is not traditional, so why should your and his style/looks be? Enjoy pairing matchy-matchy or opposites-attract styles [below]. Just to have a bit more fun with it, these easy to follow shopping guides have been categorized by what may be your, or your future spouse’s, style or wedding theme- be conscious of your season, or time of year variance, depending on where you are in the world. Click on the image to view in BROWSER LARGE and view more details about these looks. Share. Chime in! Comment below on how you plan, or IF you or your spouse-to-be would wear these looks. 

Semi Traditionalist

SB semitraditional ashaneil barrett

The Creative

sb creative august ashahood by air (center/top), gucci (bottom left), devil night (bottom right)

Euro Style

sb euro2 style august ashadolce & gabbana (center/top), brunello cucinelli (bottom)

Casual Corner

sb casual august ashaj.w. anderson (center/top right), neil barrett (bottom)

Conversation Starter Shoes

sb shoes august ashapierre hardy (center/top), dolce & gabbana/farfetch ( bottom left), liquiwork (bottom right)

Memorable Accessories

sb accessories august ashahex tie (center/top), lanvin (bottom left),pierre hardy (bottom center), jfox cufflinks (bottom right)

Enjoy featured “creative” designers, Hood By Air – Spring/Summer: Galvanize Runway Show (below). Certainly something you may not see every day, but unparalleled for not only opening your mind in the style realm, you’ll definitely being the talk of the town on your big “I DO” day.  





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