Imagine you are alone in a dimly lit room. You slowly approach a table where you see before you, glowing in the dim light, an array of exquisite gems and stones, laid out like a tapestry. This is the vision of Botteguccia Accessories.

This Italian brand gives you a fantasy to wear. Women today need to have many choices at their fingertips, they are no longer content to be just one thing. They create their look based on their daily mood. Thanks to the many collections of Botteguccia, there is something to satisfy every attitude, Monilli for every occasion: a gala, a first date, dinner with friends or just a summer aperitif. 

Botteguccia 1

Photo Credit: Botteguccia di Dalila Lucio.

There are so many styles that this emerging brand offers. We love the silver and gold embellished pendants in the Gypsy collection, delicate enough to accompany women for everyday wear, or while out enjoying a drink with friends.

Photo Credit: Botteguccia di Dalila Lucio.

For the woman who dares to be the center of attention there are the collections Etruria, fabulous ornaments for the queen within us; Amazzoniaa mix of glitzy jewelry embellished with stones, rhinestones and pearls; or the Polinesia Collectionfull headbands, pendants and buttons made up of joyful and colorful stones.

Photo Credit: Botteguccia di Dalila Lucio.

Botteguccia Accessories have thought of the Romantica woman as well, creating for her beautiful jewelry embellished with Swarovski crystals, coral, or turquoise to make her shine when you see her passing by. When getting dressed up for an event, Botteguccia has the Classica collection full of elegant, artful pieces. No matter which collection you choose to adorn, keep in mind that a special vision is behind each and every piece, each stone set in meticulously by hand, to give you a fantasy to wear. 


Photo Credit: Botteguccia di Dalila Lucio.

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