Ischia is one of the most gorgeous Italian islands, with amazing and unforgettable landscapes that are the picture-perfect way to spend a vacation. Hidden inside the island is a special treasure… a volcanic crater.

ischia-483x198Photo Credit: Ischia/Campania 

Indeed, “L’isola Verde” (or “The Green Island,” a nickname for Ischia) is actually the tip of a volcano. Ever since a 16th century earthquake sent Mount Epomeo to the depths of the ocean, the volcano has been providing the island with a gift of well-being and healing: thermal water. This makes Ischia is a hydrothermal island, due to its natural biology. This has given it a long history of being a medicinal and therapeutic place. 

Today, thanks to the benefits of the thermal water, this corner of heaven has become the perfect getaway for everyone who wants to enjoy a relaxing and healthy vacation.

Charming green landscapes, lavish rooms, stunning views, spas and relaxation areas: this is what Ischia offers to its visitors.

ischia-13Photo Credit: Hotel del Postiglione

Hopefully you will have an opportunity to visit this beautiful place, but until then you can still enjoy the beneficial effects of its thermal water. There are several beauty brands that utilize this product, one of them is “Ischia Le Terme di Bellezza,” a famous brand that offers skincare, body care and cosmetics. They even have sun care products, having launched a Solar line with various sunscreens and tanning oils.

 19082015-Collage solari ischia - CopiaPhoto Credit: StyleBlend Magazine
19082015-ISCHIA COSMETICI NATURALI. micajpg Photo Credit: StyleBlend Magazine

Another brand based on thermal water is Ischia, Eau Thermale. The Acque Essenziali line contains fantastic creams for after-sun skincare, so wherever you end up spending your vacation, your skin will thank you.

IschiaLogo_5540ee9dbf0ebPhoto Credit: Ischia. Eau Thermale

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