No more flowers or diamonds. The new age of the wedding proposal is going to be high-tech, and the Bitcoin Ring is the tech engagement ring that is changing the times. The BTC Ring is printed in 3D, and instead of an expensive frame or stones, has QR code,  meaning its value does not lie in its carats, but in Bitcoins

Photo Credit: Engadget

If your boyfriend is a geek, and a lover of technology, he will already know what we are talking about. The Bitcoin is a new currency born in 2009.  This electronic currency is not issued by a central bank, but by a block chain, which keeps a history of all its transactions. It’s an online peer-to-peer payment network that acts like cash for the internet. The whole system is managed by an encryption system, and this is why the ring has a QR: a bar code matrix. To know the value of your engagement ring, you will just have to scan the matrix code from any smartphone containing an app built for the ring.  

 Photo Credit: 3ders


Were you expecting a classic ring? Did you feel disappointed when you didn’t see a diamond? Don’t worry, because there are many positive aspects that a BTC ring has compared to a classic jewel. For instance, if you are fighting with your boyfriend and angrily throw away your ring, or you accidentally lose it, there is no need to stress. You can simply re-print it. The value of the ring stays online, and the best part is you can increase its value over time… it’s like having a savings account on your finger. Check out to find more information, including a video to know more about the engagement ring of the future! 


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