It’s hard to think about working out when you’re in vacation mode. Relaxing on the beach with the breeze in your face definitely feels like heaven, but at the same time, you know perfectly well you will soon be paying for all the skipped workouts and not-so-healthy food you’ve been eating. Sometimes a break from our everyday lives turns into a break from all the good habits we pick up during the year, and even if going to the gym is an integral part of our daily routine, when we’re on vacation we seem to forget it all.

However, remember that the beach is your best ally when it comes to fitting in some physical activity. The sand increases resistance, making the entire workout more effective. And don’t forget, you can just take a quick dip in the sea to freshen up when you’re finished.

So here are some of the best beach exercises that will keep your body toned.

One legged squat jumps

How to do it: This is a very demanding exercise that requires a lot of strength. Start with your toes pointing forward, feet shoulder width apart, and begin the squat just as you would with a regular two-legged squat. Pretend you are about to sit on a chair, and stick your butt out to prevent your knees from going beyond the imaginary line created by your toes. As you begin to squat, put one leg in front of you while continuing to squat all the way down. At this point, instead of coming back up as normal, jump up as high as you can with one leg, landing on both feet.

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Why it works: This exercise will improve your overall leg strength, incorporating balance and mobility all in one, making your quadriceps stronger than ever.


Run on the beach

How to do it: If you are new to beach running, start by wet sand and find an area with enough uninterrupted shoreline so you won’t have to abruptly end your workout. Choose a surface that is flat enough to prevent injuries. Don’t forget to take your shoes with you just in case the beach is littered with rocks and seashells.

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Why it works: Running on the beach strengthens your ankles and the muscles below the knee much more than running on hard surfaces. This is because you generate more force running on sand, working through a greater range of motion, from your ankles to hip flexors.


Twisting mountain climbers

How to do it: This exercise is the perfect combination of cardio and core training. To do it correctly, get in the push-up position, and while contracting the abs, pull your right knee toward your right arm. Then take your right leg back to the initial position and pull your left leg toward your left arm. Repeat these movements as fast as you can.

moutain-climbers-400x400Photo credit:

Why it works: This is a full body workout that engages deltoids, biceps, triceps, obliques, lower trapezius, quadriceps, hip abductors and adductors, and hamstrings. This exercise allows you to improve flexibility and blood circulation while burning a high amount of calories.

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