Love is in the air. It’s in the long summer nights dancing on rooftop lounges. It’s in the flowers in the city parks. It’s on the beaches where girls frolic in bikinis. It’s especially present in summer holidays, where sexy glances and innuendo over cocktails quickly lead to a tasty fling.

Why is it so easy to fall in love in the summer? We’re tanned, the temps are rising, the outfits are shrinking, and everyone is at their most delicious, worrying less and more carefree. There’s a sense of possibility and adventure all around. And when summer ends? Well, then it’s back to the office, back to reality and back to “normal.” From languorous love affairs to casual and close encounters on a tropical beach, summer is meant for amore — but is it meant to last? Yes and no!


Follow Me to the Maldives by Murad OssmanPhoto Credit: Murad Osmann

Often when dating we can get too serious, already picturing our wedding dress and life together after one dinner out. But in the summertime, when the living’s easy and the stakes are not super high, like on vacation, we might be better at approaching boys playfully. We are more in the moment, enjoying the banter, the good vibes and the ensuing high. We’re taking things for what they are at the present moment and thus being more relaxed and more flirty. Summer, when we feel pretty and tanned in a cute dress, is a perfect time to practice the art of seduction – even if you are not a natural born femme fatale.

Being happy (the weather is warm, the cocktails are flowing), draws attention and draws people to us. Guys come flocking like bees to nectar when a posse of smiling girls giggle at the café table next door or a couple pool chairs down. Happiness is contagious and it makes it easier to meet people in general.

In turn, getting a little sexy attention is a great ego boost. Some playful looks and comments from the other sex really does wonders for your confidence. Sure, it may be superficial, but so what? You look good, you feel good, someone notices and appreciates it and bam: you feel like a million bucks.


Summer loversPhoto Credit: Flickr User Burss & Berries

All this leads to actually hanging out. Kissing is good for your health. You increase your metabolic rate, thus burning calories, and you reduce stress by creating lots of the feel-good hormone oxytocin. It also ups immunity and relaxes the muscles of the face – a mini face lift!

Once you take things to the next level: fireworks. Total fatal attraction. Best sex of your life. A sense of: OMG, I met my soul mate! This may be just brain chemicals talking or actually true. But you cannot be sure. Summer is like a fun-house mirror that makes everything look just a bit prettier. Is he for real? Is he really who he purports to be or a summer player? Will this last? This last question is especially tricky when it’s time to pack your bags and head home to opposite sides of the planet. Girl to NYC. Boy to Rome.

We’re not promoting rampant promiscuity or thoughtless immorality, but really, why not enjoy your summer love for what it is: perhaps fab but fleeting, definitely hot but not heavy, possibly the beginning of a great love story that you can tell your grandkids!

Yes, there is a melancholy underneath sometimes, and often heartbreak, but such is life. We say, be open to it- open to possibilities and dare to venture into the unknown. Love is everywhere.


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