Italy has always held a special place in the heart of American tourists, thanks to its breathtaking landscapes, delicious food and remarkable historical heritage, not to mention some of the world’s most elegant wines. Wanting to get a true taste of the essence of Italy, many travelers find themselves overwhelmed when it comes to choose the best places to visit.

And nobody is better than internationally famous celebrities to help you plan the best Italian getaway. So where should you go to taste a little bit of “la Dolce Vita” and maybe run into a movie star?

Laglio (Como)

The Italian way of life has stolen the heart of one of the most famous heartthrobs in the world. Actor George Clooney fell in love with Italy some years ago when he bought a villa in Laglio as an investment, a decision that helped him realize “how beautiful life in Italy was and how it helped me calm down and not feel so pressured.” The locals were so flattered by this declaration of love that they made him an honorary citizen of this romantic village.

laglio5    Photo Credit: Holiday on Lake

Laglio is a quiet and charming place where you can take relaxing walks along Lake Como and through the surrounding hills, where you can admire the unforgettable panorama that has made this part of Italy famous all over the world. To follow in George’s footsteps while in Laglio, go to Harry’s Bar in nearby Cernobbio and have a bellini, you won’t regret it.

Ponza (Latina)

After wrapping up her successful tour last year, singer Rhianna decided to take a break and fly to Italy to sail all across the Mediterranean aboard her luxurious yacht. The artist and her friends decided to visit the island of Ponza, located off the Lazio coast, where they went snorkeling near old pirate caves. Thanks to Ponza Diving Center, you will be able to replicate some of Rihanna’s visit and explore the wonders that lie below the sea. After diving, you will be served lunch complete with wine before heading back to the harbor. 

ponza italyPhoto Credit: Italy Weekly Rentals

If you would prefer to chill out by the water, take a water taxi to Frontone Beach. The beach is made of large boulders and is located near what once was a Roman era fish farm. Once there, go to Sola a Vela restaurant to taste some of the best grilled fish on the island.

Positano (Salerno)

Even actress Gwyneth Paltrow has chosen Italy as her destination for summer 2015, heading to Positano on the stunning Amalfi Coast, which is very popular among American tourists. She was spotted having dinner at Da Adolfo restaurant, basically accessible only by boat, where you eat on a very characteristic rustic wooden platform.

To fully understand why Positano is universally known as the “jewel of the Amalfi Coast,” go to Spiaggia Grande and enjoy the crystal clear water and spectacular setting.

Portofino (Genova)

Last year, Beyoncè and Jay-Z where spotted cozying up on vacation in Portofino, Liguria. This small village is probably one of the most glamorous destinations in Italy. Portofino attracts all sorts of vacationers, from yachters to walkers who enjoy the maze of footpaths on the promontory. This place will make you feel like you have suddenly gone back to the 1960s, when the town became a popular vacation spot for celebrities like Elizabeth Taylor and Brigitte Bardot. If you want to eat on the harbor go to Ristorante Puny and have lasagna in pesto corto, it is excellent.

portofino-night-italy-14401666Photo Credit: Dreamstime


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