Planning a getaway this summer? Check out our favorite travel apps to download and bring with you. Let the miracle of modern technology take the stress out of making arrangements and finding the best deals. There are thousands of options out there to help you book flights, get organized, and plan your trip so you don’t have to sweat the details while you’re away.  

Packing Pro

Available on iTunes, if you need help getting organized before your trip, this one is for you. It comes with a variety of different templates and lists depending on your destination, to help you check the essentials off your list one by one. This way you’ll never have to stress about forgetting something important.


A favorite among frequent travelers, Tripit helps store your itinerary in one convenient place. Once you book and forward it your confirmation emails, it will keep all your reference numbers and destination addresses on hand for you. You can access your master itinerary anytime, so you’ll never be scrolling through old emails looking for your booking number.  


This free app helps give suggestions on the best spots in the neighborhood from, you guessed it… locals. What better way to get a feel for the city than an expert recommendation? Added bonus: Avoid the tourist traps from the people scouring Yelp and Tripadvisor.    


Great for those with a long drive ahead, this app is a database full of millions of locations, suggestions for food, oddities, things to see, and more. Type in your starting and ending destination, and it will help you map a route and find stops along the way that interest you. You are bound to find spots you never would’ve discovered otherwise. You can share on social media to show other travelers what you’ve learned.  


Don’t you wish your family could see this? Postagram is the perfect combination between modern technology and traditional correspondence. You snap a picture on your phone, and for .99 cents can design a postcard to mail to your friends and family back home. They ship to anywhere, and your loved ones will most certainly appreciate the personal touch.

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