In the summer season, thanks to the mild weather and the long and comfortable days, all the city squares from the North to the South become meeting points for the experience of the italian aperitivo!
Aperitivo is a consolidated Italian tradition, literally it is a sort of pre-meal drink but it’s also a special ritual of going out for a drink.
In Italy, aperitivo time last from 6pm to 9pm, during this time the bars serve a wide variety of snacks, like olives, nuts and different baked goods. 
A simple social ritual made by three essential ingredients: something to drink, something to eat and someone to join you. You can easily choose one of the many bars that offer it throughout Italy, where you only pay for drinks or wine, but not for the food.

From Milan to Turin, Venice to Padua, Rome to Lecce, the forms of aperitivo are quite different but substantially the three main ingredients remain unchanged. Here are the most beautiful squares where you can have an aperitivo.

In Turin, the meeting point is in Piazza Vittorio Veneto, one of the biggest squares in Europe. The Turin citizen claim the birthright of the aperitivo, because their town in 1796 was created a wine flavored with botanicals called vermouth. You can drink: wermouth.

Piazza Vittorio Veneto TO Photo credits: Italia Virtual Tour  


In Milan, the aperitivo experience is a must. It was the Milanese culture that made the cocktail hour a real event and exported it throughout Italy. From Arco della Pace to Navigli, each district has its own square and meeting places and trendy clubs where chips and nuts give way to elaborate dishes and gourmet meals. You can drink: Bianchino – a glass of sparkling white wine. 

In Piazza San Marco in Venice, the Gran Caffè Quadri is among the few places in the world that can boast a history that began in 1775. While sipping exclusive cocktails created by Raf Alajmo and Leonardo Cisotto, you will feel immersed in the history of Stendhal, Lord Byron, Marcel Proust and Woody Allen. You can drink: a martini.

venice-240204_1280 Photo credits:

In Padua, aperitivo is synonymous with spritz, a cocktail made with white wine (prosecco) and some of the most famous bitters, Aperol and Campari. The meeting point is one of the bars of Piazza dei Signori, an elegant atmosphere dominated by the Clock Tower. You can drink: spritz.

beverages-429135_1280 Photo credits: 

A few steps from Piazza del Popolo in Rome, a special mention should be given to the aperitivo offered by Stravinskij Bar – Hotel De Russie. It’s an exclusive location to relax and enjoy the Roma warm evenings in perfect tranquility. You can drink: a non-alcoholic cocktail Lady Bird.

In Lecce, a few meters from Piazza Mazzini, there’s the best bar in Italy, according to the guide of Gambero Rosso, called 300mila Lounge bar . You can drink: a glass of Primitivo di Manduria, red wine.


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