When summer colors are the most vivid, the strongest feelings are likely to emerge. It can be difficult to distinguish true love from the fling that begins at the beach. It’s even more difficult to decide whether your relationship, which began in the winter, is strong enough to give up the holiday in Ibiza with friends for a quiet weekend with the serious boyfriend.

The people who are afraid to have a serious relationship any time throughout the year, particularly in the summer cannot bring themselves to face any liability. You might find that misunderstandings and problems are lurking under the surface. Below is a short list of the most frequent “relationship status” updates for summer 2015 .

1. TBD, To Be Defined

It’s not clear if you are friends or if there is something more. The situation seems to be close to making the decisive step at any moment, but in the end nothing ever happens. A real nightmare for those who hate indecision.

2. On stand-by

You know the remote control button that pauses the movie when a call comes in and interrupts? Here, you can do the exact same thing from June to September. This is the situation in which both parties, by mutual agreement, decide to take a break from the stressful life of a couple to enjoy the summer holiday. Amazingly, unlike what you might think, many couples find themselves happier and more in love than ever when they meet again in September.

3. Unattended to

“Unattended to” is similar to when we answer a phone call, but get distracted during the conversation. Those who favor this status are the eternally single. If love was a race, they would be the ones who make it all the way and then stop and change direction one meter from the finish. Their fear is not the relationship itself, but the fact that the race is over. These fun-loving type of people are bound to take flight once the adrenaline of the conquest ends.

  4. RSVP in September

RSVP comes from the French: répondez s’il vous plaît, namely: please respond. You RSVP before an event to secure a place. This status is suitable for people who want to start a real relationship… but not before the end of the summer.

5. MIA, Missing in action

The term missing in action is used for soldiers missing in the war. They may have been wounded, captured, or even died, we’ll probably never know what happened. Lovers of this status do not ever announce the end of a relationship. The story ends without words and without goodbyes. No word on how or why, it’s just over at any moment. If you find yourself in an MIA, calling or messaging won’t help, the only solution is to leave it alone.

6. Join the Group

Join the Group is for those who have difficulty understanding the concept of monogamy, especially during the summer. These lovers who profess great stories of passion under the stars are the playboys of the beaches, the kings of the evening. The girls who prefer this status are usually looking for a replacement for a romance gone bad. Wounded pride can make you turn toward a bartender in Mykonos for comfort; the illusion that the love of one’s life can be found on a Thursday night at Space Ibiza .

7. In a relationship (with Ibiza)

There is a joke circulating on social media: “Babe, how much do you love me from 1 to 10? “From 1 to 10 I love you very much, but at 1 am I’m going to Ibiza with my friends.”

This one is self-explanatory. You might be enjoying your summer fling, but not enough to forgo good times and vacations with your friends.

Whatever your relationship status, enjoy this summer without worrying too much. Enjoy your romance no matter the status. After all, if the love is meant to be, it will last longer than beach season.


Photo Credit: Ibiza-SpotLight


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