It is part of the Roman lifestyle to fully enjoy the streets and squares, because of the mild climate and easygoing way of the people. It is not strange, compared to other Italian cities, to see people go out for a walk even in the winter evenings.

Especially from spring to fall, it’s a real pleasure to spend free time outdoors in the evening, rather than in the late afternoon. Maybe for a drink with colleagues and friends after the commitments of the day. This custom is widespread and it’s very important, especially in the middle of the week, to carve out a moment of relaxation and fight the summer heat with a chilled cocktail and good food.


Aperitif in Rome

There are choices abound: Italian and gastronomic cuisine, special dishes, sumptuous buffets and fine wines. All year round there are endless options for a drink and aperitif. Take your pick of food and design: lounge restaurants, cocktail bars, pubs, bistros, wine bars, literary cafes, and speakeasy lounges.

During the summer the choices expand with outdoor possibilities. There are places where you can enjoy a tasty appetizer and maybe even stay for dinner and dancing. Perhaps you can enjoy an aperitif in a panoramic rooftop garden, like that of  Hotel Locarno Via della Penna 22, or in the picturesque location of Stravinsky bar  inside the Hotel de Roussie, near the Spanish Steps. You can also find an aperitif in the park, the Tree-Bar, in Via Flaminia 226.

Aperitif in Rome can be enjoyed by the pool or on the water, the lakeside promenade and the Tiber. At Ostia, the Roman neighborhood by the sea, there are many places to relax at sunset, such as Tartarughino Black- a moderately priced modern bar for an aperitif. In front of the pond is the Tiki Bar, a lounge bar where they make excellent fruity cocktails.

At Lungoiltevere, the summer event in Trastevere (a village of Ponte Sublicio and Ponte Sisto), there are many options to stop for a drink or for dinner.


Bar del Fico.

The beauty of Rome is that you may take a walk in a historic center, enjoy the picturesque streets each with their own style and culinary specialties, while tables line the streets and squares for al’fresco dining.

Trastevere, Ostiense, Testaccio, Ghetto Ebraico, Campo De’ Fiori, Pantheon, Piazza Navona, Rioni Monti, Via Veneto, Piazza Bologna. To name even a few more locations: Aristocampo at Campo De’ Fiori , Freni e Frizioni a Via del Politeama, Friends in Piazza Trilussa, the Bar del Fico in Via della Pace, Vivi Bistrot in Palazzo Braschi.

Not to mention other trendy areas such as San Lorenzo, Pigneto and the RistoPescheria Consoli, Tuscolano, for rich seafood appetizers.

No matter where you decide to eat and drink, you’ll find the most magical location of all is the city itself.

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