Well ladies, it is almost that time of the year. We all know that on July 1 every single girl will be running to the movie theaters with an extra big bag of popcorn, wearing no mascara to see “Magic Mike XXL” and cry over how we will never find that nice guy with the perfect six-pack. However, this year is different because the new eye-candy craze is taking away girls’ attention from Channing Tatum stripping, and turning it to the boys with the so-called “dad bod”.


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“The Dad Bod”- The outcome of people officially accepting reality and giving up on the idea of a nice guy with a fit body. This look is also known as “the lazy frat boy”, which typically depicts a cute college boy who doesn’t have time to go to the gym because he is too busy partying. Apparently, girls accept the beer bellies and lack of effort because it gives them an idea of what their potential husband will look like in the distant future.


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 We live in a world where Channing Tatum, in all of his glory, is shown on screen and sets impossible standards for any average guy to live up to. The media edits pictures, enhances videos and makes movie stars and models look better than they do in reality. Have the harsh impossibilities that the media sets affected people in such a negative way that we have completely lost all hope and have resorted to entirely giving up on health and fitness?

“Magic Mike XXL” may be a fantasy that girls have learned to accept as unrealistic, but lets pray that “the dad bod” is not the reality of what our world has come to. Having said all of this, good looks and a six-pack should never be solely what girls are looking for in a guy, but while we are drooling over Channing Tatum on July 1 lets hope and pray that our dream guy will fall somewhere in between the god that stands before us on the screen and the infamous frat boy.

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