Vacation and relaxation seem to be foreign concepts to most Americans. While we rush through our days filled with stress and anxiety, scarfing down fast food alone in our cars, Italians are sitting down for a meal with family and friends. We just don’t know how to relax but one thing is for sure, Italians do.  That is not to say that Italians aren’t hard working and completely void of stress or that Americans don’t know how to have fun.  Italians have a different idea of fun and relaxation that comes from enjoying the simple things in life and making the most out of what an American may consider a trivial every day task. 

Wine Country Vespa Tours is the perfect solution for those who want to submerge themselves in “la dolce vita” without leaving the country. Just 45 miles north of San Francisco, the tours wind through the heart of the hillsides of the Sonoma and Napa counties. The point is to have an Italian experience, to enjoy the scenery, to not rush to your destination; locals will guide you through gentle back roads free from limousines and tour buses.

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The area is rich with handcrafted epicurean specialties, gourmet restaurants, luxury spas, artisan bakeries, and cheese producers all part of experiencing the European lifestyle.  With the Vespa tours, many options you may find yourself in a private vineyard where you will learn to celebrate winemakers’ techniques or at an olive oil tasting. Taking a deep cleansing breath on the hillside of a lavender farm, you will truly understand the meaning of life, to enjoy it.

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In California’s wine country you will learn to spit like a sommelier (no drinking and driving on these tours), but when it’s time to crack open a bottle Wine Country Vespa Tours will ship your bottle back to your home. Vista points stretch for 100 miles, but one thing you wont see on this tour is a tourist trap. Free from the crowds of the “tourist” vineyard, be sure to enjoy this unique experience with someone you love this summer. After all, we Americans get the least vacation days out of anyone in the world, its about time we stop and smell the lavender.

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