A woman born under the Cancer sign is the ideal woman. Tender and sweet, enchanting, she is an idealist and an intuitive person, so she doesn’t think- she acts. She is maternal and may look fragile, but is truly strong and cancer1generous; she is the girly-girl and ruled by the Moon.

Glamorous hair and perfect makeup as was seen in the ‘50s, the lush decade when women knew how to make men crazy about them.

The Cancerian woman is curvy and her features and attitude bring us back to the 1950’s woman, the most attractive women of the last six decades, showcasing their hourglass bodies through posh clothes.

This brand-new beachwear takes us back in time to the ‘50s and represents the femininity lost in these last years. These bathing suits recall the age of the Pin-ups and the great divas.

Vintage High-waist

The perfect kind of summer fashion for the Cancer woman and her feminine attitude.

Amazing bikinis and high-waisted briefs are the revelation of the latest fashion shows.Femininity is back in style for summer fashion.

Girly and sexy, you can pair high-waisted bikinis with triangle necklines and a push-up bandeaux,or if you want to be daring, a balconette neckline.

It’s the best choice to show off curvy bodies.

Many brands have introduced this item in their collection in different patterns: flowered, plain color, geometrical polka dots and striped bikinis are the most common.


Varie Bikini vita alta

Fashion designers such as Stella Jean are known for their vintage style and kaleidescope patterns. Jean blends her Italian-Haitian background by using fashion as a means of communicating the concept of opposite worlds with starkly different traditions fusing together.


High-waisted bikinis are unique and gorgeous, paired with jewels bandeaux and hats that remind us of Africa, which is where printed fabrics for her collections are sustainably sourced, and hand-crafted to help trade workers in disadvantaged communities in Africa.

5Photo Credit: Stella Jean.

A perfect style for the sign of the zodiac that represents femininity. Cancer women, here comes your favorite season of the year!



Vita alta-1

Photo Credit: Marie Claire


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