“Così Fan Tutte”, A great work of art from Mozart, is a bet on female’s loyalty, an incredible opera-piece that elaborates on the profound sense of love. “Così Fan Tutte” is the third and last opera-piece wrote by the genius Mozart, and it is also the soundtrack that will accompany the fifty-eighth edition of the Spoleto Festival.

 Artistic director of “Fondazione Festival dei Due Mondi”, Giorgio Ferrara has presented the 2015 edition of the festival as one of the most important cultural events in the world. 

“An ancient appointment that renovates itself, that is never the same, except for the amazing location and for the love of anything that is beautiful. An appointment to find each other in the sound of voices and in the music, a way to lose yourself in the cry of the swallows that fly high above the squares between these ancient alleys.”


Festival-dei-due-mondi-di-spoletoPhoto Credit: Locandaabonora


The name “Festival dei Due Mondi”, literally “Festival of the two worlds“, got its name from the great master and composer Giancarlo Menotti. In 1958, Menotti wanted to blend the artistic cultures of two distant worlds very different from each others, the European and the American.  Menotti did so by creating a unique festival that was able to unify the European and the American reality in prose, dance, movies, lyric, art and oratory. 




passatoPhoto Credit: Festival di Spoleto


The choice for the location was not hard to decide for Menotti: Spoleto is a “theater city”, while walking on the streets of this magnetic town it is easy to recognize the mix between ancient and modern art. A perfect scenery that is a showcase for both famous artists and emerging stars.  

The 2015 edition of the Festival dei Due Mondi offers a rich program of arts and events: the 17 days of rassegna begin June 26 and end July 2. During these days the international artists perform in the enchanted Umbrian city by showing to an eager audience all of their charm and creativity.  

During the Festival, Spoleto becomes a true international location. When the lights on stage go off and the curtains fall, the protagonists become the amazing the multiple bars, restaurants, and lounges of Spoleto. All of them offer the perfect background to socialize and talk about the artistic performances just viewed. 


24125022013141620_galleria1Photo Credit: Festival di Spoleto

As even the name says, The Fesival of the Two Worlds is committed to unify art, culture, and creativity, in a blend of multiple languages and traditions that constitute a unique experience. 

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