A bold lip can make anyone feel like a movie star. Perfected by the Italian woman a red lip is an efficient seductive weapon through the perfect combination of red pout and confidence. This little trick can help you pull off a trend without spending a boatload of money on new clothes and accessories.

So where does the fascination with red lipstick come from? 

Since the 1940s red lipstick has been the trademark of beauty icons like Marilyn Monroe, Sofia Loren and Isabella Rossellini. These women have an undeniable feminine power and sexiness that is timeless. Todays celebrities pay homage to these icons making the case for a touch of red on the lips?

Taylor Swift

Rumor has it this American sweetheart was introduced to red lipstick on the set of the Allure cover back in 2009 and she has never stopped wearing it since. It is almost impossible to spot Swift without her signature red pout. The singer credits her famous lips to a cherry-red shade of lipstick. It is slightly blue-based, which really adds to the wow effect for skin with pink undertones.




TaylorFinalPhoto Credit: karolpinheiro


To look like Taylor: (Kiko Milano Ultra Glossy Stylo)


kikoPhoto Credit : Kiko



Monica Bellucci

This Italian actress is the epitome of Mediterranean beauty. Inspired by the appeal of her so 1950s sexiness, Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, have created a line of cosmetics named after the actress. According to the famous Italian designers, lipstick is “poetry that can make every woman memorable”. This is why we rarely see Bellucci’s lips without a touch of make-up. The line dedicated to her iconic beauty includes colors that immediately send us back in time to admire the tones used by the stars of the classic Italian movies.


 monica bellucciPhoto Credit: Huffingtonpost


To look like Monica: (Dolce&Gabbana Monica Voluptuous Lipstick)



 Photo Credit: Dolce&Gabbana


Scarlett Johansonn

Another famous celebrity who can’t live without lipstick is Scarlett Johansonn. She probably has some of the best lips in all of Hollywood and giving her the look of a siren from the South of Italy. This actress usually prefers bold colors but she won’t refuse softer shades that perfectly match her light complexion.  No matter how often she changes her hairstyle, she will never ditch her lipstick.


3305-celebrity_scarlett_johansson_wallpaperPhoto Credit: HdMagazine


To look like Scarlett: (Pupa Milano-Miss Pupa)



pupaPhoto Credit: Pupa

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