Playing Classy

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Italian Way

For Italians, sports are synonymous with soccer and Sundays spent watching a game, whether you are listening for the score on the radio or watching a winning play on TV, it’s an uncontrollable passion. In this apparent monothematic scenery, new and old myths became icons even outside of the sport world, by setting trends and redefining the concept of elegance. A decisive step in creating a new role in the fashion/ sport world was taken by Rosso Ferrari. Today, universally known symbol of the Made in Italy culture, it became the emblem of a way of living, between traditions and innovations with unforgettable names such as Fangio, Ragazzoni, Reutemann, Ascari. Masters of sports, but also of elegance and style. We learn from them their secrets of style and their long lasting trends for sportswear. The way Italians see sports goes way beyond what you might expect, children want to look like their favorite champions, and fashion designers have entire collections dedicated to their favorite athletes. Competition is not only on the fields, it is also on the runway shows for these fancy players. When sport games and fashion blend together you get what one might call Sports “Italian Style”. Sports “Italian Style” means being invited to a golf game with a seaside view in the exclusive company of your friends, finally relaxing after a stressful week with a quick aperitif and a beauty gift to rejuvenate your skin.

American Way

While sports have a tremendous popularity here in the states, by playing to Americans competitive nature, they also are a demonstration of the country’s values.  Whether you are on the golf course, the tennis court, or zooming around the tract at the F1 there are always elements of justice, fair play, and teamwork.While some might find the rules and etiquette in these classic sports to be restricting and stale, they serve a great purpose in promoting good sportsmanship. America is a country of immigrants, it has struggled with racism and discrimination, but on the course or the court, equality reigns. These “classier” sports demand that all players and spectators treat each other with the upmost respect. American sports, serve as ”social glue” because race, religion, and personal beliefs have no place in the world of sports.  The athletes who conquer these sports serve as icons of hard work, strength and determination. The culture infiltrates all aspects of Americans lives as we look to our icons for tips in fashion, beauty regiments, health tips and overall lifestyle choices.

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