The Grand Prix, the US Open, countless horse races, this summer has good times coming ahead and a chance to watch some great competitors. With all of the excitement these events bring, there is also the added anxiety of “WHAT DO I WEAR?”. When attending these summer events the key to getting through the event looking stylish and appropriate are the proper accessories.

Here are a few tips and suggestions of brands to sport when attending these events:

1) The Comfort Shoe

When you are attending a golf game you will be doing a considerable amount of walking and for this reason comfort and style have to work together in one shoe.

STS91510_1_1200x735 Original Washed Canvas 2-eye Boat Shoe 


Ladies should take note that on a golfing green, you are sure to get some dirty looks, if your 8-inch stilettos are putting holes in the manicured lawns. For both men and women the brand to go to is Sperry’s, a classic symbol of Americana “country club chic”, you will be able to feel good while you look good.

2) The Clutch

Ladies leave your boho, bucket and satchel bags at home because they are not welcome. The F1 is a prime example for why you just cannot be caring anything other than a clutch. No camera bags, no coolers or backpacks at the F1, because quite frankly you are not at Nascar. Attending these classic outdoor events, expect an international crowd. A crowd that is not too fond of the American need to push the Boy Scout motto to its limits by being overly prepared.

Edie Parker a line of American handmade clutches is filled with these individual pieces of art, showing that Americans ARE capable of leaving the house without everything they own.

If you’re looking for a more opulent option in terms of clutches, Louis Vuitton’s “Petite Malles” models from designer Nicolas Ghesquiere is the perfect collection. Inspired by classic Vuitton trunks, the “Petite Malle Grand Prix” is a collectable piece, which was designed for the Grand Prix itself.

louis-vuitton-petite-malle-grand-prix-epi-special-handbags--M50133_PM2_Front view Louis Vuitton Petite Malle Grand Prix


3) The Hat

The must have iconic accessory for these outdoor formal events is the hat. Serving their purpose in both fashion and function, hats from Eric Javits have a classic sophistication. While the styles themselves are to die for it is an added bonus that the hats have been tested to protect the sensitive skin on your face and neck from 95% UVA/UVB radiation.


Eric Javits Socialite 


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