When there is a good chance that you will find yourself seated next to fashion icons like the Grand Duchess of Cambridge or Anna Wintour, glamorous guests of the England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club, it is important to strive for your best look. While on the greenest lawns of the world, tennis players wear all white, hoping to be the image of perfection on Tatler’s photo gallery or in Royal Life Magazine they will have to find a precious fashion ally. Having the perfect skin is a major necessity for this candid photo shoot that will capture an unforgettable moment. Did you know that the grapes of Barolo, from which it is made the famous Barolo Wine, have also beneficial effects on the skin? Barò Cosmetics has created a facial and body scrub that focuses on the powers of phytotherapy and polyphenols.


Phytotherapy is a treatment which is based on the use of extracts of natural origin as medicines . Enriched with jojoba microspheres and vegetables oils, grape extracts and vitamin E, this scrub will help your skin to regenerate its epidermal cells.


Once your skin feels regenerated, after a long day on the tennis court, it is time to take care of your tired legs. The “Gel Gambe Barò” focuses on the natural essential mix of menthol and camphor to deliver an immediate calming feeling. The gel contains also bilberry extract, which is known for its properties that are known to protect capillary vessels, along with grape extracts and essential oils with arvensis mint.



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