Athletes and personal trainers have always told us that succeeding in sports requires hardwork and sweat but we don’t have to lose our sense of style to win the game. You may find yourself in the gym or on your morning run feeling envious of those people around you who seem to have the perfect outfit for the occasion.

Fortunately, there are many lines of clothing and accessories specially designed for these sport moments and leisure, which combine comfort and style! Chervò known for its innovative technical garments favorite brands is a prestigious brand of sportswear which makes clothing and accessories for the sportsman or woman who loves to express their individuality.

The Chervò collection is not limited to the most exclusive clubhouses and golf courses; it is also ideal for everyday living where the comfortable, sporting style makes its mark with a dash of elegance.


                                  IMG2      IMG1

Chervò Spring Summer 2015

The true “Made in Italy” knows how to distinguish itself on the runways as well as the golf course. A great example of this is the exhuisite menswear from Jerry Kay, a branch of Sartorie Italiane, known for its excellent tailoring.

  logo Jerry key               jerry key 3

To give a boost to your sporty look wear one of the most famous symbols of “Made in Italy”, Ferrari. On Maranellos House online store you can find exclusive products, all made with the world renown Italian quality. A classy and sporty look at any time is achieved with the D50 exclusive watch collection that pays tribute to the famous world championship car of 1956. Inspired by the ‘50s watch with double-digit dial, it has a black leather strap with white stripe bi-level and tricolor seams.



Ferrari D50 Chrono

 To bring the charm of the royal brand Ferrari with you wherever you go there is nothing better than wearing a hat featuring the “Cavallino Rampante” (Prancing Horse). The hats are available for both men and women, as well as for the little ones.

img5Ferrari Cavallino Rampante Cap

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