We all heard stories about the hot Quarterback, or the soccer player, but what about other sports? What a guy plays could tell you more than you think.

The golf player

Old school, if he was a drink, he would be whisky, neat. The golf player is patient and confident, known for his cold nerves, this charming guy knows how to wait to get his pray.

Tip: if he waits too long it is your turn to throw the ball drill.

 HSBC Champions - Day 4Photo Credit:Golfworlditalia

The horseback rider

The real prince charming, really does come with a horse. Weather he is a professional jumper or simply likes to ride in its spare time, this guy grew up surrounded by pure beauty. Is there anything more beautiful on earth than a Holsteiner jumping a five bar? Maybe the hadsome knight riding it.

Tip: Don’t overuse that crop.

 Massimo-Dutti-David-Gandy-Knee-High-Boots-2Photo Credit:Menstylefashion

The F1 driver

He is the guy who drove all the girls crazy in high school. Smart, not the nerd. Funny, not the clown. Athletic, not the jock. He has this kind of, James Dean attitude, that makes your mom want to be in her 20s again, while your dad is scared you will run away with him, without getting that college degree. He loves dangerous sports, and adrenaline is his second name.

Tip: He has to be the one pushing the accelerator.

In foto: Nico Rosberg

Photo Credit:F1Fanatic

The tennis player

Athletic, long hair, perfect tan. The thing about him is that he does not take himself too seriously, and neither should you. Tennis players have a bad reputation of stealing others peoples’ wives, and cheating, have you watched the movie “Match Point”? But again, this could be just a bad stereotype, and you will be able to find your Nadal prince-charming on the red field.

Tip: Watch out for the backhand, he may not show all of his skills upfront.


Photo Credit:Gentleman’s Gazette

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