When we think of a “Mamas Boy” we tend to think of all the negative things that come along with competing with Mama. However  a study done by Arizona State University’s psychology department, found that “Mamas Boys” were more in-tune with their emotions. Not meaning that they are weak or constantly need to be mothered, but that they are able to communicate and be conscience of how you are feeling. Being close with his Mother means that he is a good listener. He is able to pick up on things other guys may miss, because he has spent so much time talking with Mama.  However, this time that he sets aside for his mother can be upsetting, because that means that Mama may have her very own place in your relationship.  There is a good chance that if his mother has played a huge role in his life, that she will be privy to all arguments, and decisions. You may find yourself some what resentful of the fact that he is seeking her opinion during a heated fight. Science tells us that for all doubts and issues that women may have,competing with an untouchable figure is without a doubt a benefit.


A study published in the journal of Child Development found that “Mamas boys” have a better sense of morality and an ability to have healthy romantic relationships. If he treats his mom with the upmost respect, is just a testament to the respect he has for women. The Mamas boy will always see you as an equal partner. Men that have grown up without this special bond are more likely to want a woman to play a traditional submissive role.  The Mamas boy sees your value and will never talk down to you because you are a woman. So instead of being so afraid of the big baby that is supposed to be a “Mamas Boy” women must consider the benefits. This special relationship speaks to his understanding of the importance of family. He will be there no matter what and is open to long term commitment, communication and compromise. Sometimes women may feel the need to tell their “Mamas Boy” to “Man-up” and not need his Mama through all the trials of life.  The man that is willing to “Man-Up” is not the kind you truly want to date, so taking the good with the bad means not “throwing the baby out with the bathwater”. Accepting his shortcomings dealing with all of his “Mamas Boy” habits, with a smile and appreciation, is worth it in the end.

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