“More phone calls are made on Mother’s Day than any other day of the year. These holiday chats with Mom often cause phone traffic to spike by as much as 37 percent”

Most everyone remembers  to call our Mothers or buy them a gift on Mothers Day. The most precious and thoughtful gift that can ever be given to our mothers is time with us. So this year check out one of the following places around the US to spend time, make memories and give the phone lines a rest.



New York City is home to some of the most beautiful museums and Art Works in the world. On May 1st the Whitney will be opening its new location in the Meatpacking District displaying the largest collection of works in its History. This location is great for a Mamma who appreciates the fine arts and is especially interesting to visit on mothers day because of its founder. In 1914 Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney had assembled 500 works, which she offered to The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Once the offer had been rejected ,the strong-minded and ambitious Mrs Whitney set up her own museum.

“..she transcended mediocrity, she had eluded the traditionally confining role of women. Moreover, after her death, she had left to the world the rich legacy of her talents.. “- Gertrude’s granddaughter


In Chicago:

The Lurie Garden is a beautiful, 3- acre rooftop garden in downtown Chicago’s Millennium Park. The Garden is a quiet safe haven for people and wildlife, known for its dramatic lighting and unique design. Nestled in the middle of Downtown Chicago it features not only plant life but beautiful water features and sculpture.One of the landscape and garden designers prominently involved in the project was Piet Oudolf, a respected master in his field and has worked on the gorgeous Battery and High Line in New York. The garden is known for its gorgeous flower beds which line the park with 250 different varieties.  The planting palettes have been designed so that at any time of year the park is visually stunning and something is always in bloom. The spring palette is filled with all shades of purple,blue, vibrant reds, soft whites and plenty of tulips to remind you of the season.


Los Angeles:

When you think of Mothers day in LA you know you are heading to a Spa. Spa montage in Beverly Hills is fully prepared to treat your mother as though she’s about to attend the Oscars. This Spa is the perfect spot to spend the day with your Mom while you both receive “Deluxe Caviar Facials”. The Caviar facial  deeply hydrates skin, reduces fine lines, improves elasticity and smooth  texture. If Caviar is not your thing then Spa Montage has a many options for days of beauty depending on whether you are looking for the ultimate escape, a day of indulgence, or to be fit and refreshed.

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