Imagine a road trip. The wind blows through your hair and the sun kisses your skin, you’re traveling in your cabriolet while you smell the Sorrento Peninsula approaching with its beautiful yellow lemon trees and and the calming blue of the sea.

All of the makings of a truly beautiful trip, but just because you’re admiring the Atlantic ocean does not mean you want to turn into a crustacean. JUNE will keep you from turning that awful “lobster-ish” red and eventually that not-so-cute peeling. JUNE was designed as a true piece of jewelry meant to stylishly match your outfits, but this jewelry does way more than just look good.

JUNE knows that dangerous UV rays and a burn are the exact opposite of the beautiful tan you were hoping to get.UV rays do not care that you are on vacation JUNE will tell you to “put that sunscreen on!” just like mom used too. And while Mama knows everything, only this little stylish gadget can record the UV intensity and let you know exactly when you’ve had enough sun and, the level of sunscreen to use.


HI-TECH jewel

The UV sensor is cleverly hidden in a shiny metal jewel that can be gold, platinum or gunmetal. On the back it is equipped with a clip to be able to hook it onto any dress. JUNE’s metal centerpiece can be styled either on a double tour leather strap, or a silicon band for working out.

How does it work?

The UV sensor detects the intensity of sunlight, and transmits this information with Bluetooth to JUNE app, available on iPhone. Once the data is received, the application, in a clear and effective way, will tell you the correct level of sunscreen to use. JUNE “wakes up” in the morning and works for 12 hours, continuously recording how many UV rays come in contact with your skin.



In the summer, when we are at the beach, we all know that we need to protect ourselves. What we forget is that, when we are away from the beach we are exposed to the sun even when there is bad weather. UV rays will pass through the clouds. So if you want to keep a young face and protect it, JUNE can be a great ally to save your skin.


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