Perfect nails do not just happen on their own. A good manicure usually begins at a pricey salon and ends that evening when you go to do the dishes after dinner.

For everyone who is sick and tired of waiting around for nail polish to dry, only for it to chip and fade, Broadway nails has brought us imPress nails.

A far cry from the “lee-press-on” nails of your childhood these imPress nails last a full week and are protected in water.

The luxury provided by these affordable press-on nails, is the time that it saves and the look it allows you to achieve without damaging your nails. Have an event coming up and you’ve forgotten to book a nail appointment? Not a problem! Having imPress nails in your bathroom leaves you with a salon quality manicure in a matter of minutes. With spring in full bloom and Summer just around the corner imPress provides a wide range of fun vibrant colors as well as detailed nail designs. Each imPress bottle comes with a total of 24 nails so that you can do two manicures or replace them if needed. Removing these nails will do nothing to damage the natural bed underneath and at most requires only a dab of nail polish remover.

When choosing a nail polish color we always envision the crisp clean color we see in the bottle or on the hand model.

However without being a nail technician the beautiful look we see on the package just does not translate to our own fingers. With imPress you can have your nails looking exactly like you wanted without smudges and dents.


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