The Umbrian Truffle Face Serum by Skin C& Co Roma, produced in the heart of Umbria in the city of Montecastrilli, keeps the precious essence of the mushroom known for its unmistakable taste.



Truffle is a mushroom with thousands of different properties, rich in anti-oxidants and perfect to reduce skin imperfections. In Italy truffle is considered “un diamante da tavola”; literally : “a table diamond”. A food so tasty and precious that it could be compared to a diamond. This “table diamond” has always been famous for its aphrodisiac properties. In 1978 researchers from University of Birmingham have found that truffle’s smell increases the perception of beauty. In the experiment, the men who had inhaled the essence gave higher ratings to women in the pictures that were presented to them.  The “table diamond” becomes a “skin diamond” as well, perfect for a mom that is always elegant. The strength of truffle pairs nicely with the sweet fragrance of the verbena. A strong mom, sophisticated and sensual, but at the same time sweet and pure. The “Herba Veneris”, herb of Venus, represents purity of the mind and spirit. Verbena gives an overwhelmingly calming feeling like the protection of your mother. It is the scent of a goodnight kiss, or  the stories we listened to while mom tucked us in for bed. The smell of a mom that has an unconditional love for her children. Hippocrates tells that the decoction of Verbena was used in ancient Greece to cure sterility. Often the verbena was prescribed to nursing mothers to increase the quantity of milk, and during labor to speed-up the process. The Verbena milk body lotion by Skin & Co Roma, along with the Shower gel, allows mom to “wear” a maternal essence, making it the perfect mix of products for Mother’s Day.



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