You don’t need to go to Perugia to give some sweet “baci” to your dear mom: you can prepare it yourself or you could even make them together. Saturday May 9th, from 2:00pm to 4:00pm at “La Scuola Eataly NY”, you can participate in the course on making the most famous kisses of Italy: I Baci Perugina.

Here are some interesting facts on these delicious sweets: “Baci Perugina” were invented in 1922 by fashion designer Luisa Spagnoli. Isn’t it odd that a designer has created the shape of a chocolate? Well, Italians like to give a touch of Style to nearly anything, even chocolate!

The Baci can be defined as “recycled chocolate”. It does not sound too romantic but the “Baci Perugina” have been created with the intention of recycling the hazelnuts left from other productions of the company Perugina. Initially they were supposed to be called “cazzotti, given the fact that their shape recalled the knuckles of a hand.  Oddly enough, in Italian “cazzotti” means literally “punches”. Could you imagine going into a store and ask: “Sorry, could you give me some punches?” For this reason, Giovanni Buitoni decided to change their name, and we all agree that Bacio (Kiss), is definitely a better choice.

Ready to learn how to give a kiss? (From Perugia, of course)!



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