As children, (and as adults whether we admit it or not) we have all been guilty at one point or another of giving our mothers a hard time. The daily throws of life lead us to sometimes forget the sacrifices they made and the love they give. It is important especially on mothers day to express this love and an Alex and Ani bracelet crafted by American artisans carries so much sentimental meaning for the wearer. Alex and Ani believes in the positive energy and love that their jewelry is made with acting as amulets for power, protection,and well-wishes.



To remind your mother of your appreciation and love for her, as she goes about her day an Alex and Ani bracelet is the perfect gift. These simple yet chic bracelets will go with any outfit and are great for everyday. The “Hand in Hand charm” is a symbol of your mothers role as your teacher and your guide throughout your life, the comfort she brought to you as a child, and to this day when you need a hand. For your tough love Mamma show your admiration with the “Mom charm bracelet“. It features a peony which is a symbol of maternal healing, blessings of love,and most of all her strength and bravery.

Hand in Hand 2

Hand in Hand 1










Path of Life 2


The “Queens Crown Charm bangle” is a symbol of the Queen of the house, this Mamma rules the roost, but she does so with love and compassion. Sometimes Mamma is all three, so it is nice that you can combine bangles for a trendy look. The edition of the birthstone bracelet or the Initial charms are a nice addition to symbolize each one of her children, and in this way she can wear her heart on her sleeve. In life we all have to leave our dear Mamma’s and make our own life.

Matching Path of life heart charm bracelets, are another unique way to remind her of your influence in each others lives. It will give her confidence to know that no matter where you are, you carry her with you.


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