Unfortunately, I have concluded that every Italian man is a mama’s boy.

Yes! There are, however, levels of pathology of Mama’s Boy Syndrome ranging from the mildly annoying to the absolutely unbearable. In between these extremes are the majority of men that you have met and will meet in the course of your love life. Through my own dating experience and that of friends of mine, we have met a variety of mothers; from the perfect bitch, to the protective mother, to the lovely mother-in-law. After experiencing this and learning so much, I decided to show you 5 signs that will help you decode and diagnose even the most encrypted Italian mama’s boy! It is not always easy to recognize a mummy’s boy at first glance because some of them know how to hide it well. Why we are against mama’s boys? This is simply because it is impossible to build a true and lasting relationship with a man who is still dependent on its mother’s approval.

Do not be confused. We are not talking about the healthy mother-child love; we love boys who care about their mothers. Here, we are referring to pathological relationships that would shame any mature adult.

5 Signs You’re Dating an Italian Mama’s Boy

Sign 1 – He uses pet names

Be aware of his use of pet names: “mammina” (mommy), “mami mami” (mummy mummy) and variants of child-like behavior. Though the habit seems harmless, it is a symptom of the syndrome.

Mama’s Boy Diagnosis: Level 1


Sign 2 – He makes her the topic of conversation

When he’s with you, he frequently mentions how his mom said or did something. He’s an independent man and is perhaps living alone but he just cannot not mention his mother in any conversation.

Mama’s Boy Diagnosis: Level 2


Sign 3 – He lives soooo close to his mother

He is 40 years old and lives with his mother. Although she left her husband and is living with a new partner, she brought her little boy with her. He refers to his situation with variants: “she lives in the same building,” or “she lives a few meters away,” etc. All of this means the same thing: his mommy is in his home at every hour.

Mama’s Boy Diagnosis: Level 3


Sign 4 – He seeks approval “The young prince syndrome”

He wants to be praised for everything he does and uses confirmation-seeking phrases like “Was I good?” He searches for approval every time he accomplishes something and if you are not prompt to give it, he resorts to his mother, usually by ringing her on the phone and saying: “Mom, I must tell you what I did.”

Mama’s Boy Diagnosis: Level 4


Sign 5 – She is his sweetheart

Pay attention to any mom that tells you “People often think he’s my boyfriend.” If you hear this, your alarm should be ringing! And it is time to run if he calls her by her first name: “Cinzia, Elisa, Susi, etc.”

Mama’s Boy Diagnosis: Unrecoverable


With this information you may ask, “How do I survive?” That is a smart and hard question. Your relationship could survive with much patience on your side, however, beware of the mother’s strategies. Good luck!

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