The “MUMboard”

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Italian Way

Italians love mom, it is that simple.The may call her, “Queen of the house” or “only woman in my life”. These are just some of the expressions of enthusiasm that often bind affectionate Italians to their mothers. Over the years, the Italian “bel canto”, has emphatically celebrated the emblematic story of a son who continues to return “for life”,  always wishing to be close to his mother. Some might say there is nothing more Italian than wanting to be close with your mother.  According to a recent Eurostat research, two young Italians out of three are still living with mom. Sign of the economic crisis, of course, but also of the strong and emotional bond of affection linking Italians to the mother figure. Mother’s Day in Italy is dedicated to the celebration of a figure that represents a safe haven in uncertain times and that is the glue that keeps the family together. Take time this Mothers Day to celebrate her because, tomorrow, she will go back to think about how to sustain, help and cuddle us.

American Way

The American mom, the perfect mix of Wonder Woman and Barbie in the European imaginary.  In other words, the way the world sees it the American mom does it all, and she does. Today in America women find themselves working out of the home, way more than they did 50 years ago. At the same time, our Wonder Women spends more time with their children than the mothers of the ‘60s. While Dads in America have begun to lend a hand when it comes to housework and childcare, they have a while to go to catch-up to Mom. American moms are often the “breadwinners” of the family.These US moms no longer fit the stereotypical “housewife” model that is well established in many Italians imagination. However the American Mom performs a balancing act managing career and family perfectly. During Mother’s day, a present along with a sweet word sent to the office or between a coffee breaks, will remind to your Wonder Woman how loved and important she is to the whole family.

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