New York Fashion Week brought all kinds of designers and unique trends to look forward to this year. The looks we saw were pristine and sleek with a timeless flair. Our favorite designers were Éva Michelle Designs, a custom womenswear line, and KATE, an organic and fair-trade brand. Hosted at AMCONYC, a leading company for up-and-coming and independent designers, and sponsored by Dunkin’ Donuts, a total of 22 looks graced the runway.


Eva Michelle_6Photo Credit: AMCONYC, Éva Michelle Designs

The collection created by Éva Michelle Designs, “Dark Roses,” highlights the powerful and confident qualities of women through the journey of love, from the first kiss to heartbreak.


Eva Michelle_1Photo Credit: AMCONYC, Éva Michelle Designs


Kelly Coe, founder and designer, maintains just the right mix of structure and movement through the entire collection. Lace, pleats and chiffon take the spotlight.


Designer Kelly Coe_FinalePhoto Credit: AMCONYC, Éva Michelle Designs

Classic lines meet delicate textures to create stunning silhouettes. Neutrals on neutrals give shape and power to the pieces; bold color combinations bring attention back to the fabrics.

Kelly Coe knows how to bring a fresh take on what it means to be a fearless, fashion-forward woman, from romantic layers to bronze metallics. Éva Michelle Designs delivers a style to adopt and looks to love.



Katie Tramposh of KATE prides herself on creating guilt-free looks women can be proud to wear. Every piece has a story behind it, one that includes eco-friendly production and full transparency from the brand.




Based in France, KATE presents universally put-together outfits that are just as much about the fabric as they are about a flattering fit. A tailored look and clean lines dominate the line. What more could you ask for?



KATE’s partnership with sustainable textile companies delivers pieces that are good for anyone’s wardrobe and great for the environment. With a goal to be the change she sees in the world, Katie Trompash seeks for her clothing to tell a story beyond what’s in season.

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